3 hours and 15 minutes…

3 hours and 15 minutes: that’s the average time spent by people per day in the EU on their mobile phone. 

What does “Mobile first” mean for retailers?

Most of the retailers today see that 70% or more of their webshop visitors are mobile device users. This is why we see in today’s economic landscape a growing interest in mobile apps. Makes sense if you know that +90% of the time spent on a smartphone is realised on mobile applications.

If we take a look at the facts and figures for retailers we see that people spend more time in  an app and look at twice as many articles compared to a mobile website. 

If we look at conversion rates the difference is even more astounding: 3 times more on app then compared to mobile websites.

Why is there a better conversion rate with mobile apps? 

Convenience is higher when it comes to shopping when you’re in a mobile app:

  • People don’t need to log-in
  • The environment is specifically set up for the smartphone,
  • The payment is optimised,
  • Push notifications boost customer engagement
  • Certain features can be used offline.

On the other hand people are getting used to interacting with businesses through mobile apps. 61% of Millennials say they download retail apps and 58% of them mention that they prefer purchasing through apps.

The early adopters of app development were the social media platforms and the banks. But nowadays we see that all the big successful retailers (Amazon, Bol, Coolblue, Zalando) apply a strategy focussed on the smartphone. And of course this tickles down to other retailers who are pushed for innovation led by international brands. 

And you? What is your future strategy in terms of Mobile innovation? 

Source: https://jmango360.com/mobile-app-vs-mobile-website-statistics/