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Flyx is helping you to offer a mobile ordering solution and to build a great loyalty program. Use Flyx to create extra touch points for your clients and increase their engagement.

Why Flyx for your business

Turn your customer into a loyal customer​


Flyx helps you to launch a powerful and personal loyalty program on the platform of your choice, that meets your needs as a business, but also the needs of your customer.

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Let your customer order from anywhere​

Let people order themselves from home, their table or from anywhere. Increase the amount of orders, create more efficiency and reduce waiting queues.

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An Easy Solution For Your Employees​


The display can be used by the counter staff or by the kitchen staff to support their operations and ease the process of order treatment.

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What to your customers really think about you?


Offer your customers a digital way to share their opinion about your brand and acquire insights about the feedback that they give to you.

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