Keep your back of house focused on what they do best

Avoid the complexity of receiving orders from multiple sales channels. Increase the speed of your back of house by taking out paper tickets and cutting down all extra work to a bare minimum.

Third eye

Staff can see all incoming orders on one screen​

FLYX OMS manages orders and FLYX Staff Display is the central display that streamlines all your staff’s operations. ​

Customers can order from their app, a kiosk, a web app or a 3rd party delivery system. Everything appears on your FLYX Staff Display.​

Everything can be managed from the FLYX Staff display dashboard, from when an order is received, to when it is prepared and where It needs to go.​

Customize your offer by location

Not all locations offer the same products, nor do they have the same inventory

With FLYX OMS as the order management backbone, FLYX product configurator allows you to offer different menus in each one of your locations. ​

When inventory of a certain product runs out in one location and not the other. FLYX product configurator addresses this nuance and only disables the offer in the pertinent location.

Improve efficiency

No extra hassle in determining where the order is going

FLYX TV app communicates either to customers that their order is ready or to deliverers that their package is ready to be picked up. ​

FLYX TV app also comes with a text to speech module to enhance customer experience and avoid any confusion.

Management made easy

All your data in one admin console​

All the data accumulated by FLYX OMS and FLYX Staff display are managed by the FLYX Admin console. ​

Live data on orders, their provenance and amount of revenue generated. ​

Reports on staff order intake, order errors and stock management​.

Capacity to determine revenue generated per location and how much each digital sales channel generates.

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