Marketing automation

Automate your customer engagement intelligently with our FLYX Marketing Automation software.

Drive engagement with meaningful and personalised campaigns.

Identify and engage

Increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Through FLYX Marketing Automation, you can:

  • Centralise and Organise your customer data​
  • Automate campaigns and build customer engagement scenarios
  • Use big data to understand your customers better
  • Offer your customers a better service
  • Personalise the promotion your offer them
Marketing Automation Features

Everything you need to engage with your customers

Farewell to incomplete and inflexible tools ! With FLYX Marketing Automation, you have everything you need to set up and track campaigns that will propel you to success.

  • Customer profiling & segmentation

    Efficiently create targeted lists using purchase behavior to craft highly personalized and effective promotion campaigns, driving better conversion rates.

  • Contact management & lead tracking

    Streamline contact handling and lead conversion by managing all your contacts and leads on a single platform.

  • Sales forecasting & pipeline management

    Obtain insights for future sales trends and manage your sales pipeline effectively. This method aids in forecasting revenue and identifying improvement areas, leading to a more efficient sales process.

  • Marketing automation & email campaigns

    Automate your marketing based on contact behavior, and engage them with targeted email campaigns using your promotional assets.

  • Customer service & support ticketing

    Enhance customer support with our streamlined ticketing system, ensuring quick and effective resolution of inquiries for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Analytics & reporting​

    Utilize our intuitive dashboard module to effortlessly monitor and analyze your campaign performances.

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