Activate all your digital sales channels​

Increase sales and offer your products across all digital sales channels. Mobile, Webstore, table ordering and 3rd party delivery solutions all promoting your products to potential customers.​

Omnichannel strategy

All your orders go through one central relay​

FLYX OMS does the heavy lifting of managing the orders coming from multiple sales channels and locations. ​

All orders are tracked and reported. ​

FLYX OMS is connected to your POS systems tracking pricing, inventory, orders and removing any errors that can come from manual input of orders. ​

Mobile first

Browse & purchase from their phone​

Integrate all relevant business information into a user-friendly FLYX mobile or web application.​

Allow customers to purchase directly through the application.​

FLYX Click&Collect allowing them to pick up their order​.

FLYX Click&Delivery bringing their order straight to their doorstep​.

All managed by a centralized solution FLYX OMS.

Dining experience

Upgrade your dining experience with our Table Ordering web app!

​Your customers can now order and pay directly from their table, without the need for a waiter. Our user-friendly app features customizable menus, real-time order tracking, and seamless payment integration provides a fast, convenient, and contactless ordering experience that your customers will love.

  • Higher customer satisfaction: Table ordering provides a fast, convenient, and cheaper service.
  • Customers can track their order status in real time.​
  • Reduce waiting times and lines.​
  • Higher average basket value thanks to up- and cross-selling.
  • Reinforce the omnichannel strategy.
Delivery Solutions

Your products on all 3rd party delivery solutions​

Through the FLYX Click&Delivery solution, be present on all 3rd party marketplaces, presenting your products to as many potential clients as possible.

FLYX OMS acting as the central relay of information for order preparation and delivery.

Customize your offer for each sales channel

Not all sales channels are the same​

Use FLYX Product configurator to present your products differently according to where your customer is ordering from. ​

Personalize the offers presented on your mobile & web applications, based on your customers preferences.​

Include 3rd party delivery fees in the menu shown to customers wanting to get their order delivered​.

This is done without changing the pricing in your POS of changing the pricing on your other sales channels.

Inventory management

Inventory updated across all channels​

All your digital offers go through the central Hub: FLYX OMS.

FLYX Product Configurator allows you to present your products differently on digital sales channels.

FLYX OMS ensures that if the product is no longer available, all custom-made offers made through the FLYX Product Configurator are updated.

This ensures that your customers will never order a product that is not available.​

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