More than just stopping to refuel​

Offer customers an experience when they stop to refuel or recharge. Everything you need to offer a modern digital experience to your customers.

Convenience means experience

Easily find where to refuel​

Introduce your customers not to your petrol station, but to your brand. ​

With a FLYX Mobile application, your customers can visualize where all your stations are. ​

Provide updates and personalized information through the application. ​

Start registering customer data and learn about your customers preferences.

Convenience means growth

Increase efficiency, cross sell products

With FLYX Mobile Payment, revolutionize the way your customers pay. ​

Let them choose which pump they want to use and pay directly from your mobile phone. No need for them to get out of the car.​

Introduce customers to all the products that are proposed in your rest area. ​

Refueling and recharging is not just for your customers car.

Convenience means efficiency

Avoid people waiting in a line when they are in a rush​

With FLYX Self-serving Kiosk, allow customers to order their products without needing to talk to one of your staff members. ​

You can encompass the different businesses present in your rest area thanks to the FLYX Product configurator. ​

The kiosks do not have to show the same products. If the kiosk is near the coffee shop, show coffee related products. If it is near the food area, show food related products.​

Loyalty as a convenience

Develop customer loyalty across all channels and products​

You are not just providing fuel to your customers, you are providing a rest stop, an experience. ​

Thanks to FLYX Loyalty engine, encompass all your proposed products into your loyalty program. ​

Through discounts, digital saving cards, boosters, subscriptions, create customer loyalty and cross sell products to your customers.​

All your loyalty rules managed by one admin console.​

All data relevant to determining your customers preferences stored in one place.

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