Self-ordering & Self-checkout Kiosks

Reduce in-store queues by offering self-service to your customers.

With FLYX Self-ordering Kiosks and the FLYX Self-checkout system your clients can choose how THEY want to shop.

The preferred channel for ordering in stores

Self-service kiosks streamline the customer experience in food and retail establishments

Convenient & Efficient

Customers have the ability to independently make orders and personalize them to suit their preferences.

Increase an average basket

Customers are more likely to increase their order size when browsing on a kiosk that displays all the available products and is presented with upsell and cross-sell screens.

Improve your operations

Improve your in-store customer experience by decreasing waiting time, and assist your staff by reducing queues.

Improve ordering experience
Increase revenue
Improve operations
Improve ordering experience

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks

  • Improve your customer buying experience by providing clear and timely information about your products
  • Customers can customize their orders with available add-on’s and modifiers
  • Enable reduced mobility access
Increase revenue

Increase cross-selling with ease

  • Boost your sales through special offers, cross-selling, and subscription formulas​
  • Increase customer loyalty by providing digital vouchers just for your kiosk customers
  • Encourage customers to subscribe to your loyalty program
Improve operations

Streamline your front of house operations with self-service kioks

  • Reduce queues without staff recruitment​
  • Reduce the cost of business
  • Track order numbers and table numbers
  • Hardware-agnostics are powered by FLYX cloud-based software, our solution works on all kiosk devices
Self-scan on a kiosk or mobile app​

Self-scan provides customers with a faster and more convenient checkout process

FLYX self-scan is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing point-of-sale systems, allowing customers to scan and pay for their items quickly and efficiently. Customers can use your application or kiosk to scan and pay for products themselves. With FLYX self-scan, businesses can improve their operational efficiency and provide customers with a convenient, hassle-free shopping experience.​

  • Thanks to the scanning capabilities of modern-day hardware, self-scanning reduces reliance of vendors having to determine what products need to be purchased and supports the verification of purchases
  • Mobile self-scanning allows you to reduce human error and waiting time, cut down on labour costs, saving you time, money, and stress
  • You attain greater speed and consistency for your enterprises operations. Automation of customer checkouts also enables you to redeploy staff into roles that offer more value for your enterprise

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