FLYX OMS​, Order Management System

A middleware that connects to your current POS’s mapping your products, prices and inventory. Connect all your digital sales channels with one omnichannel solution.

Order management made easy

Manage orders, sales, and payments in one place with powerful cloud-based software​

  • Manage orders from start to finish​
  • Integrate all POS’s, CRM’s, e-commerce and delivery partners into one single interface​​
  • Grow your sales channels seamlessly​​
  • Reduce errors and need for manual intervention
  • Save time and resources
Integrate, automate and unify your systems

Managing orders on multiple sales channels is challenging and time consuming

Through the FLYX OMS you can use these features to automate order management:

  • Sales channel unique requirements​

    Tailor strategies to meet the specific demands and characteristics of each sales channel for optimal performance.

  • Updating inventory of products

    Regularly update and synchronize product inventory across all platforms to maintain accuracy and availability.

  • Ensuring no pricing discrepancies

    Implement strict controls to maintain consistent pricing across all sales channels, avoiding any discrepancies.

  • Applying promotions on each system

    Efficiently manage and apply promotional campaigns across different systems to ensure uniformity and effectiveness.

  • Monitoring order fulfillment on each system

    Continuously track and oversee order fulfillment processes across various platforms to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.

  • Integrating data from different systems for reporting

    Consolidate and analyze data from diverse systems into a cohesive report for comprehensive insights and decision-making.

Scale with ease

Automate your orders and scale easily with FLYX OMS

FLYX OMS is connected to your POS and integrated to your 3rd party systems and your sales channels.

All your orders in one place

Activate all sales channels managed in one platform​

Be it through FLYX Click&Collect solution or Click&Delivery solution. With FLYX OMS you will be able to integrate with 3rd party marketplaces and manage them through a single platform.

Customers can order and pick-up products or have them delivered directly to their doorstep. FLYX OMS does the heavy lifting so that you can manage all orders from one screen.

One Admin Console for all your orders

Manage all aspects of your orders from a single software

The FLYX Admin console allows you to see if the connections to your POS’s are stable, which sales channels are performing better than others, manage your products, stock and much more.

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