Manage your products and
customize your offer

The FLYX Product Configurator is a powerful software that allows you to take control of your menu or your products in every channel you sell though.

Managing multiple products and combinations

Upsell and cross-sell with ease

Product configurations in your POS takes time and is often restrictive. FLYX Product Configurator gives you the flexibility to manage your products the way you want to and ultimately upsell and cross-sell to your customers with ease. Don’t waste anymore time on:

  • Duplicating your products for each sales channel
  • Fixed pricing for all sales channels
  • Creating combinations of products in your POS
  • Restricted upselling ad cross-selling
  • Changing product images and descriptions in your POS

This administrative work can devour hours of your time, and the rigidity of your current system platform might just be stifling your creativity.

Customise your offer and save time

Manage your product tree yourself and make changes in real-time

Our software is intuitive and simple. It is designed to allow you the greatest flexibility to:

  • Create different product combinations for your different outlets​
  • Create categories of products within different order channels​
  • Create upsell and cross-sell pages, so you can increase your sales by promoting additional products to your customers​
  • Create Click & Collect coupons, as well as promo codes to incentivise customers to order from your menu.
  • Specify particular product details, like nutritional information or food allergens, that are pertinent to your customers
  • Manage product images, prices and local inventory​
  • Define which channels a product is available (kiosk, home delivery, app, web, voice, etc.) using different prices/fees per channel

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