Contactless Ordering for your customers

Avoid unnecessary queues and create a more digital customer experience with FLYX no-contact solutions.​

Table ordering

Why wait for staff to order products?

Provide your customers with the cutting edge when it comes to their in-store experience. ​

With FLYX table ordering, customers browse the products on their mobile devices, benefit from upselling and cross-selling offers, use coupons and discounts and pay at their table without pressure to place an order with a waiter.

From an operations perspective you will reduce the wait time to use your payment hardware in-store, printing of receipts and reduce the pressure on your staff.​

Self-ordering kiosk

FLYX Kiosk: Effortless Shopping with a Click - Browse, Add, and Enjoy!

Avoid unnecessary queues and offer a great in-store experience to your clients.
No need for a staff member to take the order, get the order sent straight to back of store for preparation.

Having kiosks in your store can increase an average basket size by 25%. Don’t hesitate to add kiosks to your stores. It’s worth it.

self-scan and check-out

Customers can check out without any support​

No need for staff to verify the purchase of products. ​

FLYX Self-scan provides your customers with a reliable and convenient check out method. ​

Be it though a kiosk or a mobile application. Customers can verify purchase of products autonomously.

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