Customer loyalty​
Tailor made for
Retail businesses​

Upgrade from simple saving cards to cover convenience, loyalty programs and owned media.​

Increase customer retention

Retail customer convenience​

Retaining retail customers implies providing a high level of convenience. ​

Retail convenience can be achieved by allowing the customer to purchase with as little hassle as possible.​

Make shopping easy for your customers by using FLYX Click&Collect. Give your customers the opportunity to purchase straight through their mobile or web application. ​

Thanks to FLYX solutions, digitalize your folders, tickets and promotional content and minimize the paper your customers have to carry around.​

Thrill your customers

Provide more than just a savings card to your customers​

A savings card is only the first step.​
Providing a full loyalty package is possible with FLYX loyalty.

In a highly competitive landscape, continuously engaging customers is necessary to generate customer loyalty.

Offer discounts, promotions, subscriptions, boosters and saving cards thanks to FLYX Loyalty.

Keep the control

Why always promote through a 3rd party?

Paid advertising is expensive and inevitably goes through another brand than your own.

Engaging customers is a necessity but why promote someone else while communicating to your customers?

With FLYX Loyalty, you can stop promoting through somebody else’s media and own your media.
Push personalized information according to your customers preferences.

Through your own FLYX loyalty application, help your customers progress through the loyalty levels until they promote your brand to their friends and family.

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