Go Further with FLYX’s Partners

We know the importance of getting an integrated environment with your other solutions, this is why FLYX is API based and integrated to many different providers you work with.

Integrated Partners

Integrated to many POS system

As a data creator, one of our primary value propositions lies in collecting customer purchase data. With existing connections to numerous POS systems, integrating with yours is seamless and straightforward.

Integrated to your CRM

When customer data is collected through FLYX, you can activate your segments with highly personalized campaigns, significantly boosting your conversion rates.


When it comes to placing orders, it’s equally important to consider payment. That’s why we’ve integrated with global leaders in payment technology to ensure seamless operations for your business.

FLYX is proud to offer seamless integrations with a variety of trusted partners, ensuring a smooth and secure integration of the FLYX cloud-based middleware for our customers.

​Through these strategic partnerships and integrations, we aim to empower our customers with an exceptional omnichannel experience. This enables them to tailor their approach and cultivate unparalleled customer engagement within their industry.​

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