Your digital theme park

Modernize your theme park and provide customers with a digital experience of everything you have to offer.


Dematerialize your theme park​

Shifting from a physical to digital is necessary because nowadays customers prioritize experiences over physical goods. ​

With a FLYX Mobile application, your customers can visualize your park through an interactive map on their phone. ​

Find information on all your different activities.

Purchase digital tickets rendering obsolete the need for printing.

Improve ordering convenience

Self-ordering kiosk across your park​

Provide your customers with the ability to purchase products without having to interact with staff members.

Have a FLYX self-ordering kiosk that offers different products according to where it is situated in your park.

A kiosk near the entrance that sells tickets, cutting down on queuing time.

Kiosks near food and beverage facilities with the FLYX Click&Collect solution. Customers can browse and purchase products then simply go and pick them up when the order is ready.

Enable effortless cross-selling

Connect your different point of sales systems to one middleware

You have many different systems to manage the different types of products you sell.

The ticketing system will be different from the system managing your food & beverage products.

FLYX OMS positions itself in the middle of all of them, collecting all the product information and presenting them on your digital sales channels.

This unique technology allows you to cross sell products on your applications or kiosks.

You no longer have one place that sells tickets and one that sells food and beverage. Your digital sales channels offer them all.

Customize your offer effortlessly

Tailor your offer based on the location of your sales channel​

All of your products can now be presented on your digital sales channels. And all of your sales channels do not have to show the same series of products!

FLYX Product configurator allows you to tailor your offer. You can now decide which products are shown on which channel.

The Kiosk positioned at the entrance of your park may show ticketing products and cross sell a coffee in the closest beverage store.

The Kiosk near your restaurants shows no tickets and only sells food and beverage products.

Build visitors engagement

Develop customer loyalty across all channels and products​

You are now digitally proposing all your products and tailoring your offer. But what about customer retention?

Thanks to FLYX Loyalty engine, encompass all your proposed products into your loyalty program.

Through discounts, digital saving cards, boosters, subscriptions, create customer loyalty and cross sell products to your customers.​

Ensure your customers want to go nowhere else.

Simplified management for ease of use

All channels, one admin console​

FLYX cloud solutions cover all digital sales channels and encompass all your products.

FLYX loyalty adds a loyalty layer that includes all customer actions.

Everything is now managed in the FLYX Admin console. No need for different dashboards and software interaction.

You have one place gathering all customer data and can manage your entire business through one dashboard.

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