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For the ultimate convenience, your customers can order your products to their homes or work or wherever they are in a few clicks.

Convenience = more purchases

Grow your business with the FLYX delivery solutions

Profit from adding delivery to your sales channels and take advantage of the trend of shopping on the go and being delivered at home.

All delivery apps in one dashboard

FLYX Home Delivery partner aggregation

Placing an order through another channel (like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc.) should be easy. In the last years, the demand for online purchases and doorstep delivery has skyrocketed, leaving many businesses struggling to keep up with the various delivery platforms.​
Our FLYX Delivery Platform Aggregator simplifies the process, making it fast, user-friendly, and efficient to manage.​

With FLYX Delivery Platform Aggregator, you can:​

  • Manage multiple delivery platforms through one easy-to-use admin console​.
  • Consolidate all your orders in one single interface.​
  • Update your order status in real-time, so you can keep your customers informed and satisfied.​
  • Monitor your orders through our real-time reporting dashboard​.
  • Edit your menu status at any time, ensuring you have full control over your offerings​.

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