Your digitalized food business​

Digital solutions for each step of your food business. Taking orders, preparing & serving them, accepting payment and growing your business.​

Increase your sales channels

Taking customers' orders​

Broaden your ways of getting your customers orders. ​

With FLYX Mobile App or Web Click&Collect application and FLYX self-ordering Kiosk, gather your customers orders without the need for staff interaction. ​

With FLYX table ordering, let your customer order straight from his table.​

With FLYX Click&Delivery, your customers can place orders on 3rd party delivery partners.

Improve efficiency

Streamline preparation of customer orders​

Easily streamline the preparation of all the additional orders thanks to FLYX Staff display system.

One place that receives orders from all sales channels.

Let your kitchen focus on what they do best.

With FLYX TV app warn customers with a text to speech feature, when their orders are ready.

Through the app, warn your deliverers when their order is ready to pick-up.

Convenience & experience

Enable digital payments​

Not everyone needs to pay at the till. Cut down on queuing time with FLYX digital payment system. ​

Already connected to all major payment system providers, customers can pay directly through the FLYX mobile application or at the kiosk. ​

FLYX Self-checkout enables your customers to scan and pay for their products without any staff interaction.

Ready to scale

Easily grow your business​

Track all your customers digital actions and grow your customers loyalty towards your brand with FLYX Loyalty. ​

Provide point generation, discounts, subscriptions, boosters, interactive activities. ​

Get your customers talking to others about what it is to be faithful to your brand. ​

Everything managed through one dashboard. ​
The FLYX Admin console.​

Designed for integration

Our Partners​

FLYX is proud to offer seamless integrations with a variety of partners.​
We provide a convenient and reliable experience, allowing your business to use FLYX with 3rd party applications and services.​
Our vision is to be the all-in-one digital technology platform, and to lead digital innovations to improve customer experiences.​

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