Let your customers Click&Collect

FLYX Click&Collect enhances operational efficiency and ensures a smooth experience for customers. With FLYX, integrating this sales channel into your services is effortless.

Boost revenue & Customer experience

Discover the benefits of offering a Click&Collect Solution

  • Increased Efficiency

    FLYX Click&Collect automates many of the tasks involved in online ordering.

  • Improved customer experience

    Our user-friendly interface (web or app) allows customers to:

    • Easily place orders.
    • Choose pickup times.
    • Receive real-time updates about their orders.​
  • Increased Basket Value

    Two reasons for that:

    • By offering a convenient and seamless pickup option, customers are more likely to add additional items to their orders.
    • Offering personalized recommendations during the Click & Collect process can also increase the average basket size by suggesting complementary or related items (for up- and cross-selling).
  • Real-time inventory information

    FLYX Click&Collect receives real-time information about inventory levels and seamlessly updates your product availability.

  • Integration with other systems

    Our solution can be integrated with other systems, such as POS, eCommerce, and CRM platforms, allowing businesses to manage their entire sales process from a single interface.

  • Scalability

    FLYX Click&Collect grows with your business as your operations expand. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our solution can be customized to meet your unique needs.​

A satisfied customer : O’Tacos International

Profits Boosted: Loyalty Engine + Click&Collect for Powerful Upsell

O’Tacos France has had great success using our Click&Collect and Loyalty application. It contains user registration, creation of multi-channel loyalty (with mobile app, web app, Oracle checkout, FLYX Terminal and integration with home delivery partners), coupons, promotions, B2B section (subscription), boosters, points and transaction history, and uses Click&Collect with the possibility of customising O’Tacos order. Upsell and cross-sell is possible with our FLYX Product Configurator powering the product-tree with a stable and content-rich app! ​
​The app has +1,800 ratings on the app stores and an app score of 4.7/5 which provides a very high degree of satisfaction.​

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