Engage and retain your current customers

Increase customer retention with a FLYX Loyalty Engine that covers all your digital sales channels.

Complete, agile & flexible

Full package loyalty​

Get access to the full loyalty package thanks to FLYX loyalty.

Coupons, saving cards, promotions, boosters, memberships are all included in the loyalty offer.

Loyalty levels as well as gamification and interactive activities ensure that you can continuously engage and retain your customers.

Boost your customer engagement

Omnichannel loyalty​

Keep your customers engaged in all digital formats. Have a dedicated web or mobile application with their own personal account that they can also access on self-serving kiosks in your physical shops.

The FLYX loyalty engine goes hand in hand with FLYX OMS.

Independently of where they purchased products, every single action will be accounted for and added to their loyalty account.

Know your customers

Use data to understand your customers​

FLYX Loyalty allows you to accumulate data on your customers preferences.

No need for several tools, all your loyalty rules and customer data are viewed and managed through the FLYX admin console.

By using the data accumulated and connecting to your CRM provider or our FLYX Marketing Automation software, you can send promotional information in a personalized way.

Some customers are already loyal to your brand, others are not. Easily take these differences into account and send the right offers to the right customers.

Manage your different locations

Loyalty Points Compensation Room​

The FLYX Loyalty Compensation Room allows businesses to easily keep track of loyalty points earned and rewards redeemed across all their locations. At the end of each period, a balance is established between earned and redeemed points for each store, and a reconciliation takes place. This automated system generates a monthly “balancing” report that can be made visible to the Head Office and franchisees or store managers.​

Say goodbye to the stress of managing a loyalty program across multiple locations. Let the FLYX Loyalty Compensation Room take care of it all for you.​

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