Loyalty Engine

Experience a flexible and omnichannel loyalty program that genuinely engages and propels exponential growth.

Concentrate on the essentials

Have more time to focus on the essentials by engaging FLYX to automate your Loyalty program

Rather than concentrating on providing your customers with the best products and customer experiences, don’t waste anymore of your time having to:

  • Monitor different loyalty channels
  • Manage providers of physical cards​
  • Track profitability of offered discounts​
  • Adding up membership levels​
  • Rolling out pertinent promotions incrementally in all locations​
  • Integrate data from different systems​
  • Manually monitoring illicit use of loyalty channels​
Get creative and be innovative

FLYX Loyalty is easy to use

FLYX Loyalty is an API based system that allows you to define the rules of the program, handle coupons, promotions, membership, digital saving cards, and much more. You can even detect any illicit use of the program, ensuring the integrity of the program and protecting your business.​ Here are some of our loyalty features that you can mix and match to create a personalised Loyalty experience for your customers:

  • Coupons

    Allows customers to receive a specified reduced price on their purchase or a percentage discount on specific products.​

  • Wallet & Gift Cards

    Offers a convenient and seamless custom payment option that results in a higher basket value.​

  • Savings Card

    Enable a loyalty mechanism that tracks each product bought or each transaction processed. Create a savings card to retain more customers.

  • Promotions

    Promote special offer on your products or services to potential customers in a personalised way. ​

  • Booster

    Encourage your customers to engage: upload their third-party data and/or purchase your product of the month, etc. In return, reward them with points, coupons, or other exciting incentives of your choice.

  • Points

    Customers collect points when they do an action and/or a purchase that unlocks coupons and/or rewards.

  • Customer Ranking

    Gamify your customer’s experience by enabling loyalty levels. As they earn points, they can upgrade their ranking and unlock better rewards.

  • Membership

    Offer customers a range of benefits through a monthly subscription (a product each week, a discount on a future purchase, …)

A unified loyalty strategy

The same loyalty program on all digital channels​

Give your customers access to their loyalty account anywhere they please ​(mobile application, web application and even on your self-serving kiosks).

Create challenges, competitions or any other interactive activity you can think of using the FLYX Loyalty features.

One dashboard for all your loyalty needs

Loyalty Admin Console Features​

  • Flexibility

    Translate your loyalty program content into multiple languages, making it easier for your customers to engage with your brand regardless of their location or language preferences.

  • Push notifications​

    Keep your customers engaged and informed about the latest promotions and offers and encourage them to keep coming back for more.​

  • Users​

    Manage users according to GDPR legislation. ​

  • Dashboard report

    Gain full control and visibility over your business operations. FLYX Dashboard report provides a centralized hub for managing and monitoring all aspects of your business: from order management to customer data and analytics, all in one place. ​

Quick Belgium

A satisfied client

For Quick Belgium

We implemented the Click&Collect and Loyalty application: This includes user registration, creation of multi-channel loyalty (with mobile app, NCR cash register, Acrelec terminal, Home delivery partners), coupons, promotions, student section (subscription), Boosters, points history, news and notifications.

The Click&Collect module enables in-app purchases for collection, drive though, delivery and dine-in. They have experienced huge success of the mobile application with exceptional market penetration. Considered as a first level reference in Belgium and Luxembourg. App stats: +12,000 ratings and 4.7/5 which is a very high degree of satisfaction.​​


Discounts and promotions at your fingertips 😁


Superb application


Top application, time-saving


Never had the slightest issue. Smooth, nice, and easy app.

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